Friday, September 17, 2010

The results so far...

Thanks, everybody, for your hard work on this week's homework!  I don't think we got perfection-- I know I fell behind, personally-- but I think we gathered enough data to start looking through it.

Here's what I see so far:

1.  What kind of media do we consume?
All kinds.

Text is actually the big winner, when you combine "daily" with "non-daily"

Then we've got a bit of a close race among social media, music and TV/movies/etc.

2. Where does this stuff live? 
(Online? In your hard drive or DVD?  On the airwaves or the movie screen?)

The labels are missing, but almost half is online.  The smallest chunk-- less than 20 percent-- is live broadcast, movies, etc.

3.  How much of this is free (to us)?
More than 80 per cent.  The rest, we bought (or subscribed to, like with cable TV).  Less than 1 percent was pay-per-use, like a movie ticket.  It doesn't even show up as a slice on the pie chart.

4.  What technology are we using?
More laptops than anything else.  Next up:  Mobile phones. 

5.  What times of day are seeing the heaviest use?
  • Big spikes in the late morning and late evening.  
  • Big dip overnight.  (Thank goodness we're getting some sleep.)

6.  How long are we plugging in for, with each thing?
I don't have any clear idea of what this data means:

7.  Are there days of the week when we're more plugged in or less?

I dunno:  This chart seems to say that last Friday was the heaviest day. Or was it just the day when, collectively, we were doing the most logging?


We can compare our results to the Pew Center for People and the Press, which published a report last weekend called "Americans Spending More Time Following the News."  Or:  Where Americans got their news yesterday.

Here's a graph showing where people told Pew they got their news:

Here's how much time people told Pew they spend getting news each day from various sources:

 And here's what the Pew study has to say about who is spending all this extra time with news:

And here's something we didn't talk about or measure.  We should.

We'll talk about all of this in class.

... and you'll be writing papers about it.

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